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Can kitchen taps do more now than they once did?Kitchen-Boiling-Sink-Tap

Are you waking up in the morning waiting and waiting in a cold kitchen for the kettle to boil? If this is you, then wait no more and invest in an instant hot boiling water tap instead.

By investing in a boiling hot water tap for your kitchen will change forever the way you get up in the morning. You want instant boiling water on tap, which is filtered to make a quick and fresh hot tea, coffee or saucepan to boil eggs, and then a boiling water kitchen tap is an excellent option.

Instant Boiling Hot Water Tap

This is now becoming the must have item at home and in the workplace just think on how much time we spend every day just waiting for the kettle to boil.
With instant boiling water you won’t be standing around anymore and just think of all that time you will be saving let alone the space as well after you get rid of that prehistoric Kettle for good.
The average kettle takes 2 and half minutes to boil which works out at about 15hrs per year just waiting for the kettle to boil, and that is if you only use it once a day. This could be a lot of time wasted when you can be doing something else.

How Does Boiling Tap Work

Most types have a small thermally insulated tank with a heater, which keeps the water in the hot tank. When the handle is pressed, cool tap water flows into the tank and displaces the near-boiling water, which flows out of the spout. On releasing the handle the valve closes and hot water stops flowing.

Boiling Water Taps and Safety

One question asked by many that before deciding whether a boiling water tap is the correct decision for them is whether their children will be safe around such a kitchen appliance. Boiling water taps now days come with a ‘safety switch’ so they can only be used by someone who intends to use the hot water and not by young children.Child-Safety-Switch
Also Boiling water taps deliver the hot water at a slightly reduced pressure than you might think of. This is to prevent the water from spitting and splashing, again keeping you safe. While some boiling water taps have a safety lock feature, which can be engaged so that no one can use it without first unlocking.
Kitchen boiling taps come in different styles and colors to look good in any modern kitchen or workplace and can use the existing fitting from the old mixer tap. Whatever the design of your kitchen or workspace you will be sure to find a design to enhance and improve the look and style for everyone to envy.

Just some stylish options that are available from different manufacturers are:

• Chrome
• Nickle
• Stainless Steel
• Dark Grey
• Gold

Simple to use with just a flick of a safety switch on the tap you get instant hot boiling water every time you need it, so no more waiting when the wife says where’s my tea!!

About Boiling Water Tap Features

One tap can do all your kitchen water needs from cold drinking water to hot for washing and boiling for that lovely cup for friends popping over.
The following features are options available from most manufacturers:

Tap Features:Chrome-Boiling-Kitchen-Tap

• Domestic hot & cold, ambient and 80-100°C filtered water
• Includes boiler system and filter cartridge
• Safety key pressed – required to activate the hot water
• Without safety key pressed it reverts back to a family safe 3 way mixer
• 360° swivel spout
• Long-lasting and easy to use
• Polished chrome finish
• Minimum 0.5 bar water pressure required
• 0% finance option
• 5 year guarantee

Boiler Features:Instant-Boiling-Water-Tank

• 80-100°C variable stored water temperature
• Choice of energy-saving eco modes
• Pumped delivery to ensure a smooth flow with no spitting
• Child lock function
• Notifies you when it needs descaling and when the filter needs changing

Filter Features:Drinking-Water-Water

• Drinking water filter
• Reduces the taste and odor of chlorine in the water
• Reduces lime scale build up
• Change water filter about every 6 months

Independent Boiling Water Taps Reviews

Here we go that extra mile and review independently different makes and models of varying mixer boiling water taps and hand pick the best for your budget.
We shop around for you for the best discounts and offers so you do not have too.
Bonus – look out for extra deals and additional options, which will enhance your kitchen design, for example colorful light changing LED water faucets in multiple colors.

Is A Boiling Hot Water Tap Expensive?

They are not going to be cheap but not only will they dive you hot/cold and filtered drinking water but also instant boiling water, which you will not need to wait for. Kits start from a under 300 and come with all the parts you need to be fitted in the kitchen.
Most come with a water filter as part of the setup. This has the added benefit of removing impurities and lime scale so you can have better tasting drinking water and reduce cleaning required.
You certainly will not get that with a standard kitchen tap.
Installation is straightforward and cheap too with only a plumber having to oversee the installation. Most boilers come with a plug already attached and with easy reach near the cooker, dishwasher or washing machine near the sink.

This Will Change the Way You Entertain

Overall this will be the best kitchen investment you will make in so saving time and space by removing the kettle from the kitchen and that horrible power cord which always seems to get in the way.
It makes sense at home or in office, the time saving convenience alone is hard to ignore with boiling water taps for the modern busy lifestyles we live in today’s society.


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