Compare Boiling Water Taps – Best For 2019

Compare Boiling Water Taps – The 2019 most popular to date for value and choice, never need to boil the kettle again this year’s hottest must have kitchen accessory everyone is looking for.

For instant hot boiling water for drinks and food preparation with out having to boil or need a kettle ever again.

Boiling hot water taps and hot water taps are good if you’ve got food preparation supplies at a moments notice or entertaining friends. It’s like having a kettle on the go all the time but much quieter and cheaper, and without the time factor involved while you wait for the old-fashioned appliance to boil. It’s also a considerably easier option than an instant hot water kettle, useful that they are.

Most boiling water taps and hot water taps can replace the setup you currently have in your kitchen, others are more of an extra add on to an existing kitchen layout. Either way, they are great for making instant cups of tea and coffee, as well as being invaluable for faster food preparation and for friends coming over.

If you are considering a move to a instant boiling water or instant hot tap setup then we have some excellent examples in my exclusive overview below, including the ‘Bristan RAPSNK3’, which is my best choice also best value. The obvious benefit, aside from unlimited quantities of instant hot water, is that you will no longer need a kettle or the space that it used to occupy.

What to look for in an instant boiling water tap kitchen setup.

Check the temperature range and max temperature of the tap, as not all boiling water taps take the water temperature all the way to 100ºC, but it’s more usually served at 96º-98ºC. Some model setups you can adjust the temperature setting, but be sure to check what the setup is able to do before purchasing here and plumbing it all in.

The boiling/hot water system will include a small boiler/tank and a water filter, so if you are not confident with Doing It Yourself (DIY) it might be best to get some help to fit it. In my experience having a water filter fitted is necessary as can help prevent and reduce lime scale, but will need replacing about every six months depending on how frequent you use it. So keep an eye on replacement costs as well for that too.

What else to consider before buying as well is also the running costs.

The boiling/hot water tap setup are a premium purchase so the initial cost is quite high together getting the system installed. With this considered the running costs for typically a 4 litres boiling tank is around 3p per day to run in standby. To put this in real terms the average cost to just boil a kettle each time is about 3.5p, so do that at least twice a day will add up to be more expensive. Once the setup is installed you won’t see the difference and might even reduce if using the kettle more than twice a day!!

The other cost to consider is the water filter that would require to be replaced about every 6 months. Now you might already have a water filter installed so you will already know the benefits of having one but in case you don’t they offer to remove some harmful bacteria and clean to make the water taste better. Also as mentioned earlier this well help remove lime scale so to keep the boiler more efficient and cleaner to prolong its life. The average of water filter prices range from £20 each up to about £40 which if you think of it, how much bottled water would you get through just in one month and then times that by six?


Bristan ‘RAPSNK3’Bristan ‘RAPSNK3’

Product:Bristan RAPSNK3
Price: £395.29
Cheapest Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk
Size of Tank: 2.4 Litre
Guarantee: 2 year (Tank) and 5 Year (Tap) Full Warranty
My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

The Bristan RAPSNK3, Product Overview

  • Keep little hands safe – the Boiling Water can only be operated using a push button and will flow smoothly from the tap – reducing the risk of scalds from any spitting
  • The swivel spout will remain cool to the touch when the Boiling Water is in operation, and any residual water will return to the storage tank rather than staying in the spout
  • There are 7 Temperature settings available – Including 98’c for the perfect cup of tea or coffee, sterilising baby bottles, or for blanching vegetables
  • Our space saving Design means You’ll still have space in your cupboard for kitchen necessities and you’ll free up much needed counter space with the removal of your kettle
  • The heating tank has a 2. 4 litre capacity, which means you can comfortably fill pans for cooking or make 6 large cups of tea for guests
  • 2 year (tank) and 5 year (tap) Manufacturer’s Warranty, with the support of an award winning customer service team, allowing confidence and peace of mind

Hot, cold and boiling water – you can have it all with Rapid from Bristan, the No1 Kitchen tap brand in the UK. Safety is our top priority so we have combined classic styling with key safety features. A cool touch spout, delayed boiling water delivery plus push and turn handle ensures you can’t accidentally dispense the boiling water. Peace of mind built in. Water efficient – as you only dispense the exact amount of water required. Cost efficient – The heating tank has been designed to use as little energy as possible (no more than the standard use of a kettle) and can be turned off when not required.

Perfect taste – Filter included to minimise lime scale and other nasty to prolong the life of your tank, as well absorbing chlorine and other chemicals to give you the perfect taste for your tea or coffee. 7 settings – easily select from 75°c to 98°c to suit all of your cleaning or cooking needs.

Easy to install – Comes complete with all parts including the tap, tank, filter, tails and metal fixing to secure your tap in place, so it wont more or rotate during use. High quality – A hard-wearing, flawless luminous chrome that lasts years. It’s also scratch resistant and salt spray tested to ensure added durability. Rigorously tested – Extensive life cycle testing and user trials, by our UKAS 17025 accredited test lab and in consumer homes. Suitable for high pressure systems –

Construction Material – Brass. Peace of mind – 2 year (tank) and 5 year (tap) manufacturer’s warranty, with the support of an award winning Customer Service Team, allowing confidence and peace of mind. *UK’s No1 Taps and Showers Brand

QETTLE ‘4-in-1’

Product: QETTLE 4-in1 Instant Boiling Water Tap
Price: £548 & FREE DELIVERY in UK
Cheapest Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk
Size of Tank: 4 Litre Boiler
Guarantee: 2 year (Tank) and 5 Year (Tap) Full Warranty
My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

QETTLE 4-in1 Instant Boiling Water Tap

QETTLE ‘4-in-1’

QETTLE ‘4-in-1’

  • 100˚C BOILING WATER: QETTLE dispenses water at 100˚C, so you really can make that perfect cuppa! Other systems can only manage to dispense water up to 98˚C
  • LARGE CAPACITY 4 LITRE BOILER: Quality, fully insulated, CE approved 4 litre boiler tank fits neatly under your kitchen sink providing up to 8 cups of boiling water in one go | 10 minute recovery time | Tank dimensions: 230mm x 182mm x 354mm
  • COST & ENERGY EFFICIENT: No need to wait for the kettle to boil, use more water than you need, or waste energy – around just 3p a day to run if left on standby.
  • WATER FILTER SYSTEM INCLUDED: Works to minimise limescale – protecting the tap’s boiler tank | Unlimited flow of filtered cold water | Compact, easy-change filter cartridge housing | Replace the filter cartridge every 6 months – a built in LED lets you know the filter cartridge needs to be replaced.
  • SAFE TO USE: Supplied with a safety clip which makes activating the boiling water impossible | Robust lever handle must be pushed downwards to disengage a safety catch before the flow of boiling water can be dispensed.

Multi-tasking, multi-patented QETTLE is the tap that everyone’s talking about! QETTLE dispenses four flows of water – true, 100°C boiling water, cold filtered drinking water, plus normal hot and cold flows. It comes as a complete system that includes its 4 litre boiler tank and filter system and is simple to install.

QETTLE is also safe. All taps come with a safety clip, which, when in place, makes it impossible for boiling water to be activated. Making instant cups of tea and coffee with your QETTLE is just the beginning. And, once you have a QETTLE, you’ll wonder how you managed without it… From speeding up pans of water for pasta, rice and noodles to degreasing roasting trays, making stock and gravy and blanching veggies… It really is indispensable.


Insinkerator ‘3N1’

Insinkerator ‘3N1’

Insinkerator ‘3N1’

Product: Insinkerator 3N1 Steaming Hot Water Tap
Price: £564.99 & FREE Delivery
Cheapest Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk
Size of Tank: 2.5 Litre Boiler
Guarantee: 2 year (Tank) and 5 Year (Tap) guarantee
My Rating: 9.6 out of 10

Insinkerator 3N1 Steaming Hot Water Tap

  • Genuine Insinkerator filter included
  • Free & Fast Delivery
  • 2 year warranty
  • Chrome finish
  • This listing includes EVERYTHING! You get the Tap, the New Neo Tank, the Filter & the Fittings!
  • The F-H3N1-C-1 will dispense up to 100 cups of near boiling water an hour thanks to its 2.5 litre stainless steel tank, however you can also adjust the temperature if you don’t need it quite as hot.
  • Easy to install with the InSinkErator Solid Surface Mounting Kit
  • 98ºC steaming hot water instantly (around 100 cups)
  • Easily replaceable filter
  • 2.5L tank fits under sink
  • Made of solid high quality low lead brass
  • Designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Warranty/guarantee details: 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee on the Tank and 5-Year In-Home Limited Warranty on the Tap
  • Finish: Chrome
  • Capacity – 2.5 litre stainless steel tank
  • Thermostat – Electronic adjustable from 88˚C to 98˚C (factory pre-set at 96˚C)
  • Insulation – Meets U.L. 94HF·1 flammability specification
  • Supply pressure – 1-8 bar

To follow – More to come.



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