Consider Before you Buy

Price range of different boiling hot water taps differs from starting around £300 and for top of the range to above £1000. This is down to a number of options and how well the supplier/make is reviewed. Let’s look at these options at one step at a time which you will need to consider before making a decision

Temperature RangeTemperature-Range

On some different model’s the water temperature can be adjusted, but others are just set and fixed so when choosing yours look at this before you buy. Typical 65-100degC for adjustable water temperature or 96-100degC for some fixed boiler temperature.

Safety features

Let us look at the different safety options available on the market:

  • Child safety locks – Needs to be disengaged before the boiling tap function can be used.Child-Safety-Lock
  • Anti-spitting and splashing – To prevent boiling water from harming the user – (YOU).
  • Overheat Cut-Out protection – This is so the boiler does not get damaged by over-heating and blowing the fuse.


Here are some stylish options that are available:Swan-Neck-Chrome-Style

  • Chrome
  • Nickle
  • Stainless Steel
  • Dark Grey
  • Gold

Kitchen boiling taps come in different styles and colors to look good in any modern kitchen or workplace and can use the existing fitting from the old mixer tap. Whatever the design of your kitchen or workspace you will be sure to find a design to enhance and improve the look and style for everyone to envy.

Tank Capacity – 2Ltr to 4Ltr are available

This is the volume of water stored in the boiler ready to be used at an instant. I would recommend for a 2 to 2.4Litre capacity as for home use this will be like a large kettle and also won’t require a large storage space under the sink as you would for a 4Ltr boiler.Instant-Boiling-Water-Tank
Also the smaller boiler will be more economical as not requiring as much power to heat the water and to stay boiling.
Another point to worth noting is that these boiler tanks are thermally insulated this more efficient.
As a guide 1.5litres of boiling water is enough for 5 large 300ml mugs in one singe go.

Estimated Space for Boiler and Power

Make sure you have enough space for the boiler under the sink with a plug socket nearby or you will have to get one fitted.
A dimensional guide would be Height = 250mm, Depth = 200mm and Width = 250mm and enough room to attach the plumbing.



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