Instant Boiling Water Tap Reviews

This article is to review the different types of instant boiling water taps, which I have researched and gives an all-round guide as to what is available to suit different needs and expectations.
There are many options to lookout for when researching the different makes and models that can be a bit overwhelming so this review puts into simple context of the main things to consider before buying and in an overview table at the end.
My reviews won’t cover the cheaper models around as in my investigations have shown up problems such as, boiling water is not hot enough, breakdown within a year and don’t include a water filter which is a must have.
The water filter is to minimize lime scale to prolong the life of the boiler and making the water taste better by removing impurities. Recommend to change the water filter every 6 months to be most efficient and for warranty.
With that said let’s start this Instant Boiling Water Tap Reviews:

Bristan – Instant Boiling, Hot and Cold SupplyBristan-Boiling-Kitchen-Tap

This is the best value for what you can get at an entry level as has everything included and is a known make all starting at around £400. For this reason for 3 in 1 boiling water kitchen setup you have all what is needed for peace of mind.
Safety is there number one priority so this is a good place as any to start. The cool water touch spout, controlled boiling water delivery so does not shoot out and push and turn handle so can’t accidently release boiling water.

The boiler has 7 temperature control settings from 75ºC to 98ºC to cover all cooking needs and holds 2.4 litres ready to use at an instant so can be for a large saucepan or 6 large mugs. Mains 240volts required so will need a plug socket in the area under or near the sink


Comes with all parts needed including the tap, boiler, water filter, metal fixings to secure tap and flexible hose connections. All too high quality hard-wearing chrome that is scratch resistant and UKAS 17025 accredited tested in consumer homes.

Insinkerator – 3N1 Steaming Hot Water Tap

The Insinkerator Filtered Tap is a compact and practical solution if you’re after a do-it-all model that won’t be too obtruInsinkerator-Boiling-Tapsive in your kitchen.

The build quality and the overall look and feel of the Insinkerator definitely feels more premium than the price tag.


While not a boiling water tap (although at 98ºC, it does get pretty close) the hot and cold functionality of the Insinkerator makes it a valuable, versatile addition sink-side, and the filter makes for a fresher taste, whether you’re enjoying a straight-up glass or a hot drink.


The boiler dimentions of this Insinkerator filter tap is smaller to some of our other’s, but if you’ve been frantically doing the maths and worrying about making space for an oversized tank, this might be a good solution.


QETTLE 4-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap | True Boiling, Filtered Cold, Mains Hot & ColdQettle-Boiling-Kitchen-Tap

Delivering up to eight cups of boiling water at one time, the intelligently named Quettle delivers cold water, hot water and water at 100ºC in an instant.

For a tap which is basically the same design and the same guts as the Franke at nearly a third the price you can’t go wrong.

This is probably the best boiling water tap for those who are eco-conscious.


Fitted with LED change filter indicator

When the time comes to change the filter (the LED display on the tap will light up to let you know), it’s not only affordable, but the replacement filter cartridges are also recyclable.


It’ll replace your current kitchen tap, and it has a four litre capacity. Also, if you do happen to drain the four litre boiling water tank, it’ll reheat in just 10 minutes.Qettle-Boiler-Tank It’s safe for those with children as the tap has a safety clip, and the best part is that it costs only 3p a day to run when it’s on standby.


You will need to get a plumber to install the Qettle 4-in-1, but with anything involving water that’s probably not a bad thing.




Over View summary of Key Points to Note:




  1. We’re in the process of planning a kitchen remodel and I’ve been told that an Instant Boiling Water tap is essential in the new kitchen. Thanks for comparing the three Instant Boiling Water taps. Their appearance are all strikingly similar, but I was taken with the Bristan. I appreciate how you show it’s the best value. I wish you would have included links to where I could purchase the Bristan.

  2. Thanks for recommending high-quality products and not cheap and unreliable ones. Between Bristan and Qettle, which one would you recommend? The latter seems like a good choice. What’s your advice?

    • Ivan,
      Personally, I would go for the Qettle as has cold filtered drinking water as well but does cost about £150 more or about £400 for the Bristan if your drinking water is good. Its all down to personal taste and your area your living but both are good makes and will be happy with.
      Hope this helps and if you need any more help or information, I am more than happy to help.
      Kind regards,

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